The Correlation BetweenNutrient Statusand Pregnancy Space OnPregnant WomenWith AnemiaIn Private Midwives-Practice Mrs Dessy On Selamet Riyadi IV StreetPahoman Bandar Lampung 2013 Year

Igus Ulfa Yaze, Azelia Nusadewiarti, Ren Zuraida


Anemia in pregnancy give bad impact for both mother and fetus, either during pregnancy, childbirth, porturition, and the further step. One of thefactor that becomes a risk factor on anemia in pregnancy is pregnancy space and nutritent status of the mother.This research aims to know the correlation between pregnancy space and nutritient status anemia in pregnancy. This research isanalytic-correlative method by using cross sectional approach. The population in this research is pregnant mothers whom check their pregnancy in private midwives-practice on Selamet Riyadi IV streetPahomanBandar Lampung by November 2013. There are 72 samples using purposive sampling method to take the data. The range of pregnancy was obtained through interview, while nutritient status of pregnant women was obtained through direct measurement of body mass index and hemolgobin meter.From the analysis using chi-square, it was found that p=0,003 for pregnancy space with anemia, while p=0,031 for nutritient statuswith anemia. From the result, it was found that the correlation between pregnancy space and nutrient status with anemia on pregnant mother is (p<0,05).

Keywords: Anemia in pregnancy, Nutritional status, Pregnancy space, Pregnant women

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