Effect of Health Promotion About Scabies to Knowleddge and Personal Hygiene in 1st Grade of Islamic Junior High Girl Students t Dinniyah Putri Lampung Islamic Education

Nopa Septia A, Dian Isti A, B Kurniawan


Scabies is an infectious disease caused by Sarcoptei scabiei. This disease is often correlated with the people who live in community like pesantren, the lack of health knowledge and unhealthy behavior, such as not allow to spread out the women clothes in the sun to dry, is one of risk factor of scabies. This study was carried out to know the effect of  health promotion about scabies to knowledge and personal hygiene. This study was done in November-December 2013 in Dinniyah Putri Lampung Islamic Education. It used quasi experimental method by pre and post test approach. The sample of this research consisted 138 students that were taken carefully. Data of personal hygiene knowledge and behaviors were measured with a questionnaire. Data were analyzed by paired t-test that was performed after Kolmogorov-Smirnov normality test. The result showed increase of knowledge and personal hygiene scores after the  intervention has given to respondences. The average of knowledge score were 67,43 and increased to 75,11 after the intervention. The average of personal hygiene score were 67,63 and increased to 76,50 after the intervention. Statistic analysis showed significant difference between knowledge and personal hygiene scores before and after the intervention. In conclusion, health promotion about scabies has effect to knowledge and personal hygiene in 1st grade of islamic junior high girl students at Dinniyah Putri Lampung Islamic Education.


Key words: Knowledge, personal higiene, scabies, first grade of islamic junior high girl students

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