The Relation of Fast Food Eating Habits, Physical Activity And Nutrition Knowledge With The Nutritional Status of First Year Medical Student of University of Lampung 2013

Komang Indra Widyantara, Reni Zuraida, A Wahyuni


High level of activity causes people prefer things that are instant, including in choosing food.Fast food is very easy to get and does not require a long time to be served.Most fast foods are high in calories, cholesterol, fat, and salt but low in fiber.This certainly affects the nutritional status where the incidence of malnutrition is more likely to be higher. Nutrition knowledge level of person also affects attitudes and behaviors in choosing foods. The purpose of this research is to know the relation of fast food eating habits, physical activity and nutrition knowledge with nutritional status of medical student of first year medical student of university of lampung 2013. This research is descriptive analytic research with cross sectional design. The number of respondents are 125 people. The results of this research showed that 58.4% of respondents are often eating fast food and 41.6% respondents are rarely. Physical activity brings about 42,4% have good physical activity and 57.6% have less physical activity and nutritional knowledge gained to 55.2% have good nutrition knowledge, 28% have medium nutrition knowledge and 16.8% have low nutrition knowledge and for nutritional status, 40% have overweight nutritional status, 33.6% normal and 16.5% underweight. The habit of eating fast food, physical activity, and nutritional knowledge has no statistically meaningful relationship (p > 0.05).

Key words : fast food, nutrition knowledge, nutritional status, physical activity

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