Effect of Decreasing Total Cholesterol Level as A Responce to Aerobic Exercise at Aerobic and Fitness Center Sonia Bandar Lampung

Faraztya Purnama Sari, Khairunnisa Berawi, DN Fiana, TU Soleha


High cholesterol level will increase risk of coronary heart disease, and physical activity is one way to overcome fatty excess. Exercise intensity also can influence the lipid profile. More intensity of exercise, the possibility to decrease cholesterol level will be greater. The aim of this study was to determine effect of decreasing total blood cholesterol level as a responce to aerobic exercise. This research was an experimental research by one group pretest dan posttest design. Population in this study was all aerobic participants in Sonia Fitness Center Bandar Lampung. There was 32 samples taken from the population with purposive sampling technique. The results showed the mean cholesterol level before aerobic exercise was 226,84 ± 40,085 mg/dl, and after aerobic exercise was 221,56 ± 39,159 mg/dl.This suggests that there was significant difference between total cholesterol before and after aerobic exercise (p-value = 0,009).


Key words: Total cholesterol level, aerobic exercise

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