P4 A0 Postpartum Hemorrhage ec Inversio Uteri and Hypovolemic Shock with Hysterectomy

Satria Dharma Setiawan, Ratna Dewi Puspita


Postpartum haemorrhage remains one of the causes of maternal mortality are the most widely around the world. WHO estimates that there are more than 585,000 maternal deaths worldwide in 1990, of which 25% is due to postpartum hemorrhage. Although inversio uteri was a rare case, but it still is one of the causes of postpartum hemorrhage early. Hypovolemic shock is a medical or surgical condition in which fluid loss occurs quickly ended in failure of multiple organs, caused by inadequate circulation volume and result in inadequate perfusion. Histeroktomi a remedial action to address the disorder or disturbance of reproductive organs or functions that occur in women. This study is a report obtained data is a woman 40 years pervagina bleeding. Patients arrive at 10:00 AM. Postpartum hemorrhage occurs in midwife at 07.30 AM. Postpartum, the patient continuously bleed pervagina up to more than 30 minutes. On physical examination found the
patient's general condition appears serious illness, blood pressure 50 per palpation, heart rate 134 x per minute, respiration 30 times per minute, temperature 35.4C. Complete Blood Investigations are anemia with Hemoglobin 4 mg/dl.

Keywords: hypovolemic shock, hysterectomy, inversio uteri, post partum haemorrhage.

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