A 47 Years Old Woman with Eritroderma ec. Drug Allergy

Shinta Tri Lusiani


Introduction. Erythroderma is a skin inflammation that affects 90% or more on the surface of the skin, usually accompanied by scaly.  Case.47-year-old female patient came to the Abdoel Moelok hospital with complaints red patches itchy and flaking skin all over the body since 3 months ago. Found scaly patches of erythema with multiple coarse and demarcated, white and erosion throughout the body. General management of these patients is a diet high in protein, monitoring vital signs and prevent hypothermia, should not scratch the itchy area, keep the skin moist. Specifically management of these patients given methylprednisolone injection 62,5mg / 12 hours, 3x cetirizine 10 mg tabs, ciproflocaxin 3 x 500 mg tabs, 2x150 mg ranitidine tab. Conclusion.Drugs suspected as the cause of allergies in this case is antibiotics and analgesics that consumed postoperatively. Management erythroderma ec drug allergies can be done by providing a high-protein diet, monitor vital signs and prevent hypothermia, keeping the skin moist, and consulting with a specialist of dermato and vererology.

Keyword : Allergy, Drug, Eritroderma

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