Acute Diarrhea With Mild to Moderate Dehydration e.c Viral Infection

Hema Meliny Junita Perangin-angin


Diarrhea is a public health problem in developing countries, such as Indonesia, because of its high morbidity and mortality. Diarrhea is defined as an increasing of defecation frequency more than 3 times per day in infants or children, with liquifying of stool consistency with or without mucus and blood, which is occured less than one week. It was a case report study taken from Abdul Moeloek general hospital in October 2013. An 1 year 4 months boy came with watery diarrhea about 6 times defecation in a day and vomiting more than 10 times, since 12 hours before hospital admission. The physical examination, was founded moderate general state, compos mentis, 36,8°C of body temperature, 30 times/minutes respiratory rate. The pulse 140 beats/minutes, the eyes looked concave, skin turgor returned slowly and increased of bowel peristaltic. The complete blood count founded leucocytosis and no bacteria in stool examination. The patient was diagnosed as acute diarrhea with mild to moderate dehydration e.c viral infection. The pharmacology therapy of this patient was intravenous fluid of  KAEN 3A XX gutatae per minutes, zinc sulfate syrup 20mg/5ml per day for 10 days, ibuprofen syrup 100mg/5ml 3 times a day and 1 sachet oralit in 200 ml drinking water in each defecation.


Keywords: diarrhea, dehydration, viral, child

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