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Hygiene is a behavior that is taught in people's lives to prevent the onset of disease. A skin disease caused by a parasite is scabies. Primary health care approach to family medicine plays an important role in disease diagnosis of scabies in the first time, appropriate therapy, and community education. Scabies is an infestation of the skin disease caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei that can be found in the horny layer of skin tunnel at places of predilection. S. scabiei influx into the epidermis does not immediately give the symptoms of pruritus. Itching occur 1 month after the primary infestation and the presence of a second infestation as a manifestation of the immune response to the mites secretions produced or tunnel under the skin. The scabies treatment should also be completed for patients and families is also done for patients who have similar symptoms. Boys age of 2.5 years with a chief complaint shortness itching since a month before admission. Based on the results of anamnesis, complaints of itching, especially at night and in certain parts of the body such as wrists, between fingers and umbilical. Complaints also felt his mother. On physical examination found blood pressure, pulse, temperature normal. Dermatologic status throughout the body, especially in the back area, interdigitalis, antebrachii and below the umbilicus there are multiple sized miliary papules partially erythematous skin color. Also there are pustules, erosions and excoriations were covered with dark red crusts. Looks solitary vesicles that already broke below the umbilicus and looks a scratch mark. No laboratory examination. Based on anamnesis physical examination, the diagnosis of patients is scabies. Therapy given to patients is 5% permethrin cream for 10 hours usage, presipitatum sulfur 6% ointment applied 3 nights in a row, 1x1 oral sedative antihistamines. Scabies is caused experienced by patients as a result of contracting one of the family members with the same complaint so that the diagnosis and management should be precise and comprehensive.

Keywords: papula, permetrin, pustula, scabies

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