Holistic Approach to Management of Dermatophytosis (Tinea Manum The right, Tinea corporis, Tinea cruris and Sinistra) in Women Age 43 Years with Labor Jobs Daily Wash

Ummi Kaltsum


Infections caused by dermatophytes exist throughout the world, especially tropical regions that have high humidity such as Indonesia, the incidence rate is approximately the same in the big cities in Indonesia. In the treatment of disease, the approach in medical care not only focuses on the biological aspects (disease) but also influenced by psychosocial aspects. Ny.N, 42, a housewife who works as a daily laborer washing clothes came with complaints of itching and redness in the skin of the back of the hand and abdomen since 1 month ago. Ny. N is a woman of childbearing age with Dermatophytosis, curative treatment pattern, the pattern of environmental sanitation and hygiene of the body less intact, living in an extended family. Treatment in these patients in the form of counseling to the patient regarding the patient's disease to preventive care and psychosocial stress shift with things are positive. Patients get 1x200 mg tablets Ketoconazole, Ketoconazole cream 2 times a day after bath, and CTM 3x1 tablet. Diagnosis of Dermatophytosis in this case is in accordance with some theory and critical analyzes of the latest research, treatment provided is in accordance with the CPG. There has been a change in behavior on Ny.N and visible improvement in Ny.N visible lesions after intervention and given his personal hygiene..

Keywords: Dermatophytosis, Hygiene, Medical Care Family, Tinea, Sanitation

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