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According to WHO, Indonesia ranks 4th with the largest number of diabetics in the world after India, China and the United States. With a prevalence of 8.6% of the total population, estimated in 1995 there were 4.5 million people with diabetes in 2025 and is estimated to increase to 12.4 million people. Meanwhile, data from the Ministry of Health, the number of patients with diabetes inpatient or outpatient hospital ranks first of all endocrine disease.Application of family doctor services based on Evidence Based Medicine in patients with identification of risk factors, clinical problems, as well as patient management framework based problem solving approach to patient centre and family approach.The method used was case report with analysis of primary data obtained through Anamnesis, physical examination, home visits, complete family data, and psychosocial well as the environment. Based on a holistic assessment of the initial diagnosis, the process and the end of quantitative and qualitative studies. .Mr. K, male, 52 years old, with complaints body easily tired and tingling accompanied by furunkel and hypertension. On physical examination found blood pressure 150/90 mmHg , pulse and temperature to normal, respiratory 20x / min, weight 59kg, height 150cm, nutritional status of obese with a BMI of 26.2. Laboratory results showed Hb 11,6 mg/dl dan GDS 212mg/dl. The diagnosis is Diabetes mellitus type II not controlled with Hypertension grade 1. Therapy given to patients were Metformin 3x500mg, Amoksisilin 3x500mg for 5 days dan Captopril 2x25mg. Then analyzed the causes of disease experienced by patients, such as underlying disease or risk factors that cause disease patients and performed medical management of the disease and nonmedikamentosa and education to improve quality of life and prevent further complications.

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus, family medicine

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