Charla Gutri F


Scabies was one of the skin disease caused by mites (Sarcoptes scabei) which is now became one of health problem, because today the disease has spread and become a cosmopolitan disease that attacks all social levels without exception. To apply the Evidence Based Medicine in patients comprehensively through identify risk factors, clinical symptoms, and the patient treatment based on problem solving framework with patient and family center approach. This study used case report method with analysis of primary data which obtained through alloanamnesis (the patient's mother), and physical examinations, home visits, family data, and psychosocial and also the environment. The evaluation Based on a holistic assessment of the initial diagnosis, the process and the end of this studies and evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively. Child named K, male, 5 years old, infected by scabies. We did the research about all things that could caused the patient was infected by scabies. The analysis of causes, such as underlying disease or there were another risk factors that caused the patient became infected, the infection was spread from one of the family members. Furthermore, the infected patient got the medical treatment and nonmedical treatment for that disease. We educated the family members about the information of patient's disease and the importance to improve personal hygiene and environmental hygiene. After that, we obtained positive results that itch symptoms in family members was reduced. The cause of scabies in this family is the lack of knowledge of the importance of good personal hygiene and proven with the complaints of itching symptoms was reduced.

Keywords : Scabies, family medicine

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