Syahrul Hamidi Nasution


Head injury is a mechanic trauma to the head that occurs either directly or indirectly, which can result in impaired neurological function, physical function, cognitive, psychosocial, which can be temporary or permanent . In Indonesia the incidence of head injuries are estimated at 500,000 cases each year. From this estimate, 10% of patients die before arriving at the hospital. The patients who reach the hospital, 80% classified as mild head injury, 10 % including  mild head injury, and 10% including a severe head injury. Case. Mr. C, 19 years old, was taken to hospital with head pain after an accident 30 minutes ago. The patient had fainted 15-20 minutes upon arrival at the hospital, the patient was conscious and seemed to moderate pain. There are no known history of bleeding or fluid from the nose and ear physical findings: heart rate 84 x / minute, respiration 20x/menit, temperature 36.7 º C. Investigations X-ray and CT scan did not reveal any fracture of head calvarii and extrableeding and intraaxialbleeding. Patients diagnosed with mild head injury and managed in an integrated manner covering primary survey and secondary survey. Conclusion. Head injuries can cause death but also the patient may experience a complete healing. The type and severity of abnormalities depending on the location and severity of the brain damage that occurs.

Keywords: Head injury, mild head injury, primary survey, secundary survey.

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