Raisa Mahmudah


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), clinical signs of stroke growing rapidly as a result of brain dysfunction focal (or global), with symptoms occur  more than 24 hours, can cause death, without any cause other than vascular. In Indonesia, there are estimated 300.000 new cases each year, 80 % are hemorrhagic strokes. There are risks factor for stroke, which are a factor that can be modified and can not be modified. Management of stroke greatly affects the prognosis of the patient, so that the appropriate treatment is needed. Case. Mr. S 44 year old, came to the hospital with weaknesses in the arm and left leg since 6 days before when he was resting. He initially felt tingling on the left side of his body and back head pain. Then the patient came to the Rawajitu hospital and referred to the Abdul Moeloek Hospital (RSAM). There was a history of high blood pressure since 15 years ago. When he came to the hospital, he felt conscious and Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)  E4V5 M6 = 15. There was  a high blood pressure 200/100 mmHg, pulse 102 x/min. The muscle strength are 5/3 5/3 for both extremities. There was an increase of urea, creatinine, cholesterol and uric acid. Patients diagnosed as hemorrhagic stroke and treated with mannitol, antihypertensive and anti-cholesterol drugs. Conclusion. Hemorrhagic stroke of the patients due to hypertension is a risk factor.


Keywords: weakness of left extremities, hemorrhagic stroke, hypertension.

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