Agnez Zahrah Fadhilah


Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) are a global health problem with increasing incidence, prevalence, and mortality rate. There is no single cause and the damage is usually irreversible and can lead to poor prognosis. A 62 years old man, came with a chief complaint of swelling on his feets since 2 weeks ago, this condition accompanied with weak, pale, nauseous, and vomiting
approximately 5 times a day after eating. The intensity of urinate is deacreasing during 6 months. He had hypertension since 2002 and diabetes since 2004. From physical examination, blood pressure is 190/110 mmHg, conjuncitiva looks pale, epigastric pain, and pitting oedem in inferior extrimity. Laboratory examination show hemoglobin 5,2 g/dl, ureum 70 mg/dl, creatinin 7,2 mg/dl, and at time blood glucose 168 mg/dl, with GFR 7,9 ml/mnt/1,73m2. The patient is diagnosed with CKD Stage V. Treated with furosemid 1 x 40 mg, captopril 3 x 12,5 mg, bicarnat 3 x 1, folat acid 3 x 1, CaCO3 3 x 1, and transfusion 800cc of packed red cell. Nonfarmacotherapy was bedrest, diet with high calory, low protein, low phosphate, low salt, and water balance. [J Agromed Unila 2014;1(2): 109-113]
Keywords: chronic kidney diseases, hypertension, oedem

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