Laras Maranatha Tobing


Acute glaucoma or primary angle closure glaucoma is a medical emergency case that caused by the angle of the anterior chamber suddenly closed by the iris with the result that sudden very high increase in intraocular pressure. Case of acute primary angle closure glaucoma in a woman aged 60 years presented with complaints of sudden blurred vision in her right with red eye and headache since 2 days before hospital admission. Ophthalmologic examination on the right eye revealed visual acuity 2/60 with mix conjungtival injection, corneal edema with hazy appearance, shallow anterior chamber, mid-dilated pupil (d ± 3mm) non reactive, cript of the iris is not obvious, dense lens and hard on palpation (digitalis tonometry N+3). Left eye examination revealed visual acuity 6/60, good
movement and normal structure.Treated by initial antiglaucoma therapy to lower the intraocular pressure of the right eye with timolol 0.5% 2x2 drops, pilocarpine 2% 6x2 drops, and oral therapy with acetazolamide 2x250 mg and KCl 1x1 tab. Immediate and appropriate treatment in acute glaucoma can prevent permanent blindness. [J Agromed Unila 2014; 1(2):99-103]
Keywords: acute glaucoma, antiglaucoma, intraocular pressure, old woman

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