Raden Chandrajaya Listiandoko


Tuberculosis is still remain as one of main health problem in Indonesian. Every years, more than 500.000 of new cases tuberculosis appear in Indonesian and approximately 140.000 people died. Based on national standard and prediction of tuberculosis patients, Lampung has 7.728 people with tuberculosis. Sindrom down patient, who had tuberculosis, need extra attention. The patient, she was diagnosed with lung tuberculosis relaps, and now on tuberculosis treatment. Interventions had been done to improve the family knowledge based on literatures and family medicine approach in efforts of modifying the modificator factors of the disease.
Improvement of knowledge about lung tuberculosis and obedience of taking the treatment are expected, including motivating the family to give support. Improvement of knowledge and health behavior about the importance of preventive than curative act, and also to improve the health life style. Comprehensive and continuous approach to the patient’s problems had been done, along with identificated the influencial factors of the disease and assessed the patient ability to solve the problem. [J Agromed Unila 2014; 1(2):82-87]
Keywords: down syndrom, family development, lung tuberculosis relapse

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